Management philosophy,Greeting

Management philosophy

 Our company aims to become a rewarding company that continues to provide our customers with inspiration and pleasure through all capability and technology of our officials and employees.

•We aim to provide our officials and employees and their families with happiness.
•We aim to contribute to development of the marine industry.



 Our company could mark out 45th anniversary of foundation on March 12, 2021. This is all owing to support and counsel that we have received from you, and we would like to express our deep gratitude and thanks to you.

 In our country Japan surrounded by the seas, more than 99% of energy resources and lifelines such as daily commodities are transported on marine distribution routes. The mission of shipping companies is to support the lives of the people of and industrial activities of our country by extension to contribute to sound development of global economy through provision of stable marine transportation services.

 As a company that plays a role in marine transportation that supports this important marine distribution, our company has been engaged in mapping of ships and ship management and contributes to the industry.

 Our company possesses ships on our own, and our officials and employees who are well experienced in marine transportation manage ships as professionals. Based on such experience, they make constant efforts to provide services that lead to advantages of customers in the operations of management of ships that are important assets of customers.

 For safety and stable services of ships, manning of ships with highly capable crew members is an absolutely necessary and important point. Our company is a pioneer of manning of ships with foreign crew members. Ahead of all others, we started manning of ships with South Korean crew members. In 1984, we founded a company for manning of ships with a local partner in Manila, the Philippines, in 1984, and since then we have manned ships with highly capable Philippine crew members. From now on, we will also provide crew with education and re-education before and after boarding in Manila and try to stably supply highly capable crew members.

 Basically, we will continue to provide services that lead to advantages of our customers. Aiming to become a company that can be continuously trusted by customers, all of our officials and employees will continue to make efforts in all sincerity, and would like to ask for your continued support and patronage.

Takahiro Inui
President and Representative Director