Ship-repair dock, brokerage of ship refitting and construction of new ship, and component supply business

 Our company has a local office in Shanghai and is prepared to support operations to reduce ship management costs by efficiently and effectively conducting various works and by shortening work periods when Japanese shipping companies and ship management companies use China’s docks for shipbuilding and repairs.

 Recently, the number of ships repaired in China’s docks by shipowners of various countries in the world is largely increasing, and it is now very difficult to arrange for those dockyards that are reliable in terms of dock work periods and repair quality. In such circumstances, our company maintains close relations with China’s mid-sized dockyards, including COSCO SHIPPING ship repairing group, SINA Corporation, Guangzhou Ship-repair Dock, Fujian East China, Zhejiang Zhoushan Longshan Ship-Repair Dock, Zhejiang Zhoushanrencai Ship-Repair Dock, and ship-repair docks under the control of Shanghai Changjiang Shipping Co., Ltd., and meet the needs of customers and provide reliable dock repair services.
 At the same time, in response to various requests of customers, our support is provided on-site by Chinese captains who have proficiency in English and are well experienced in boarding and supervisors who have proficiency in Japanese. We already have track records of brokerage of repairs of many large and small ships, including large container ships, bulkers and break-bulk carriers, in China’s docks, and works of installing BWMS ballast water treatment devices.

 Our company is the distributor in Japan for BSKY ballast water treatment device developed by China Blue Sky Electronics Co., Ltd. BSKY device is highly capable of treating muddy and sandy water, and it has many other advantages such as small space for installation.

 Our company is also the general sales agency in China for PBCF (Propeller Boss Cap Fins) energy saving devices, and already has a lot of track records of sale.