Ship management

 The ship management services are to work on behalf of shipowners as our customers, comply with international treaties and laws of flag countries and that of countries of call, and maintain seaworthiness and safe and economical operation of ships as the assets of shipowners.

1. No Off Hire
2. No Crew Trouble (no trouble occurs in terms of crew member manning and human relations aboard ships)
3. Wise Budget, Economical Operation (economical operation)

 Our company works on ship management with the three points mentioned above as basic philosophies.

1. No Off Hire
 All of our staff members of the ship management department have experience in sea services as captains or chief engineers. With No Off Hire as a matter of course, all staff members conduct ship management by using their experience and skills nurtured by sea services. Moreover, all staff members, as a technical group of those persons who have experience in sea services, can provide not only ship management services but also agent services and assistance to shipowner duties such as supervision of construction of new ships and ship inspection for buying and selling ships.

2. No Crew Trouble (no trouble occurs in terms of crew member manning and human relations aboard ships)
 As for those ships that are managed by our company, crew member manning and shifts are conducted under the approval of the ship management department. We have a seafarer employment agency in Manila and our resident staff members work full-time for the agency. In Manila, we created a seafarer education and training system in synchronization with manning plans. Moreover, we also have created a system to train new graduates of affiliated seafarer employment agencies to seafarers.

3.  Wise Budget, Economical Operation
 In every line of business, it is absolutely necessary to consider economy. Our company also promotes economical ship management. This copes not only with normal operation but also actively with those regulations that are made effective by treaties regarding ballast water treatment devices and NOx.
 Particularly, as for installation of additional ballast water treatment devices in existing ships, we have experience in coping with ship classification review and ship classification inspection in cooperation with device manufacturers, supervision of installation of additional devices, and all other services related to installation of additional devices. In the case of the ballast water treatment devices of BSKY that we have a tie-up with, it is possible for us to help those services that are related to installation only.

 Based on the three philosophies mentioned above, we provide ship management that can satisfy all customers. Always looking to the future, we consider how the present ship management ought to be.