Services of manning of ships

 Our company has close relations with Unitra Maritime Manila Inc., a company for manning of ships in Manila, and we have 720 Philippine crew members for manning of ships as of January 2018. We have a variety of ships, including bulkers, heavy lifts, general cargo ships and small LPG ships. We aim to ensure pool crew members for respective companies. In Manila, moreover, we station our Japanese employees who have experience in chief engineers. With emphasis on selection and education of crew members, we direct our energies into education of highly capable crew members. In addition, we hold periodical conference every month on manning of ships with Unitra Maritime Manila Inc. for detailed services of manning of ships to meet the needs of customers. The motto of Unitra Maritime Manila Inc. is "Seafarers' First." The company always remembers a sense of gratitude to crew members, and establishes its unique family medical insurance system, trains captains and chief engineers by conducting Cadet Program, tries to improve royalty of captains and maintain a repeat rate of 80%. Moreover, our company employs Philippine people who have experience in captains and chief engineers as our training managers, As a matter of course, we put our energies into pre-boarding education. Moreover, we also aim to provide satisfactory services by supporting operations from land, in addition to manning services, to meet various needs of customers.